Marion Edwards

On Saturday 2nd October 2021 the Guild held an online events day dedicated to the memory of Phil Barnes who died in May 2019.

Phil was a master engraver, a wonderful enameller, designer and craftsman; he won many awards including the Jacques Cartier Memorial Award. Phil was a motivational teacher, a loyal friend and possessed a great sense of humour. He was a much loved and cherished member of the Guild. Phil was an inspiration to us all and is one of our greatest treasures.

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The Dunwich Bowl

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to make the day such a great success. In order of appearance; Linda Barnes, Phil’s wife and our guest of honour for the day; Harry Forster Stringer, Jean Wilkinson, Keith Seldon, Jane Short, Gillie Hoyte Byrom, Marek Kropielnicki, Fred Rich, Gordon Hamme, Sarah Wilson, Tom Lundsten, Ruth Ball, Sheila McDonald.