by Averill Schepps and Cullen Hackler

Jane Sheppard

In a Zoom presentation from the Enamelist Society in the USA on June 2 nd Averill Schepps & Cullen spoke about some of the chemical aspects of enamel and in particular some experiments they have tried using solutions of some of the transition metals. Sadly a poor connection to Averill’s studio did mar some of the presentation, but despite this we were able to see some good photographs of both Averill & Cullen’s pieces and to watch a demonstration of the method used. (Cullen either intrigued or blinded us with the science bits, depending on your interest in this aspect of enamelling.) They were looking at what effects could be achieved by using solutions of the metals often used for colouring enamel and firing them on copper with an enamel.

2020Autumn SCRE 1