Cheat’s Repousse (AKA Extreme Embossing)

Jll Leventon

This was the topic I did for the recent Region 4 Zoom workshop. I started by thanking Bonnie Macintosh (from whom I learned this technique on pewter), Sue Hanscombe, who showed us how to make pictures using it, and others who had given me hints and tips along the way, notably Tilly Wilkinson, Maureen Carswell and Joan Bolton King.

I work on ‘5thou’ (.127mm) soft temper copper shim. I started with a small burnisher which had a blunt point on the other end, but over the years have collected all sorts of other tools, mostly ‘stolen’ from paper embossing and ceramic modelling. These include ball ended tools, spoons, agate burnisher, dead roll-on deodorant, and torchons (paper shapers) but a dead biro and the end of a toothbrush handle will get you started. Metal tools do tend to get scratches in them after a while, and these can show when you rub with them. The torchons come in two hardnesses. The softer ones are readily available, but I find the harder ones better. Neither of them scratch.