Projects for Beginners to Enamelling on Silver - 3 -Silver Foil Pendant

Ruby Tomes & Dorothy Cockrell

The aim of this project is to use silver foil over copper to give the appearance of silver without the expense.

Silver foil is thicker than silver leaf and shouldn’t break up as leaf does. It can be bought in various thicknesses, so select the one most suitable for the job in hand. For small items which will not be fired more than 3 or 4 times, the thinnest can be used. Larger items which may be fired many times are probably better with a thicker foil. The reason for this is that copper expands when heated and does not return to quite its original size when it cools. The more often it is fired, the larger it becomes and thin foil may not be strong enough to resist being stretched. This is why leaf breaks up.