Printing with Onglaze Enamel Paints

With Gillie Hoyte Byrom

Harriet St Leger

Gillie introduced us to the equipment and the techniques we would be using in the workshop.

There was a lot to take in at first, but she took us carefully through each stage so that we were clear. The plan was to use thick interfacing (used in dressmaking) to make stamps with which to print with onglaze enamel paints on steel tiles.

We were to choose two simple design shapes which complemented each other, so we looked around the room at carpets, radiators and things in the garden to find interesting shapes. We spent a little time with paper and tracing paper, creating a design that used these two shapes.

Each person was given a pre-enamelled steel tile and we mixed up a little paint colour with water based uni-media on a ceramic tile with a palette knife (pic 1). Then we dabbed a sponge into the paint and pressed the loaded sponge onto the steel tile to cover it.

2019Summer Gillie 5