Bling - An Exploration of Shiny Things to use with Enamel

Sally Davis

Region 6 met on June 8th to do some experimentation, led by Sally Davis and Gill Harkness. We had an assortment of shiny media, which was mostly from the discipline of glass working, to see if any were useful for enamelling.

  • Dichroic flakes on clear (Medium)

  • Sparkle bright gold mica powder

  • Glassline metallic gold liquid

  • Microbeads

  • Gold flakes (mica)

  • Pilot lustre pens silver and gold

  • Gelly roll metallic pens

  • Thompsons carefree lustre trial pack of 12 (these are produced for enamelling.

Participants had brought blank copper pieces and old discarded work, which might have benefited from extra shininess

No rigorous research methods were used! We played with any of the media that interested us and noted the results, good and bad.

2019Autumn Bling 1