Projects for Beginners to Enamelling on Silver - 1 - Earrings

Dorothy Cockrell

Some time ago Ruby Tomes wrote four simple projects on enamelling on silver for beginners. These have been revised by Dorothy and expanded to five with the first one appearing in this journal. The others will follow in subsequent issues.

2019Autumn Beginners 6


Although the projects assume a certain basic knowledge of metal working, the enamelling instructions can be carried out on ready made blanks or stampings. Similarly, just because the task is to make a pair of oblong earrings doesn’t mean you can’t adapt it to make a round ones or a pendant.

Sterling (standard) silver has been used throughout this mini-series, but fine silver can be used if you prefer it. If fine silver is used, you can omit instructions to pickle the piece or remove fire stain.

For texturing, use a hammer, punch, graver, or any other tool you fancy to make a pattern on the metal.