Desert Island Enamels

...with apologies to Roy Plomley

Sheila Mcdonald

During a conversation with Dorothy at Conference way back in April… I happened to suggest that it would be really interesting to have lists of enamellers’ favourite eight colours… similar to Desert Island Discs. Dorothy suggested that it would be good to expand on the choices and include some images of the enamels used in pieces. In keeping with the format, there is also a book choice and a luxury (enamel based)

Each enameller has their favourites and I’m sure that they won’t be the same!

…and so, as it was my suggestion… here are my choices:-

  1. Schauer SJE 2A (ST 17) Blue Flux

This is my favourite flux on Sterling Silver, it has a lovely pearly white finish; I always go back to it as a good reliable base layer (like priming a canvas). This is the enamel I use as the background in most of my larger pieces - see (a) and (b)  below.

2019Winter Desert 1