Fire Scale workshop with Bonnie Mackintosh

Katie Sanderson


This was my first conference and I was desperate to learn as much possible! And being on Bonnie’s workshop meant I wasn’t disappointed! She was so generous with her knowledge covering a lot more than just firescale!

But Firescale was the focus, the stuff we all try hard to get rid of!

2019Winter Firescale 1

I was asked to bring some firescale and some old pieces that I perhaps didn’t like or hadn’t done anything with and some blanks. So I spent the previous week carefully sweeping up any firescale I could get hold of in a little pot. It turns out you actually need quite a bit! Big lumps to tiny particles it all counts.

Bonnie showed us that by using sieves or simple grinding it down you could turn firescale into something that like enamel can actually be applied to a piece of enamel work. It gives a beautiful matt effect, that in itself is lovely but once brushed with a brass brush after firing can also turn almost golden.