Testing Fired-On Photo Fusing Decal Paper

Julie Rattray

Fired-On Photo Fusing Decal Paper allows customised/unique drawings, photographs and designs (black and white or grey scale) to be printed onto decal paper using an HP or Canon monochrome laser printer or copier. The decals can then be fired onto enamelled pieces resulting in the transfer of the images to the surface of the enamel. The resultant image on the enamel is often described as sepia in colour. This process allows the production of small quantities/sizes of one off designs reasonably cheaply on a 10 x 8 inch decal sheet. Photo Fusing Decal Paper is available from Warm Glass ( www.warm-glass.co.uk) and Creative Glass ( www.creativeglassshop.co.uk ) with instructions for design preparation, decal production and use supplied with the paper (although the instructions focus on use within glass art).