Hard and Soft Enamels Workshop

Dorothy Cockrell

No, it wasn’t the whisky. Laura Selway had organised a workshop to inaugurate another possible branch of Region 1 and chosen ‘Hard and Soft Enamels’ as the theme. Dorothy Cockrell was the invited tutor.

Some participants had no previous enamelling experience; most had some and a few were old hands. All were ‘makers’ in some form of art or craft. This was a great advantage as they saw no difficulty in trying something new.

The workshop was designed to show how hard and soft enamels can be used to give unusual and unexpected effects. It also demonstrated why soft flux under pink or red transparent enamel on silver can result in a horrible yellow colour when the pink falls though the flux and reacts with the silver.

2018Summer fall 1

T200 flux, LJE 252 pale blue sifted through a stencil’ LJE 242 navy blue sifted through the same stencil in a different position.