Airbrushing with Milton Bridge Enamel Pens

Julie Rattray


In early March 2018 I was tasked by ‘The Tank Commander’ to make some multi-layered camouflage stencils to allow him to airbrush one of his King Tiger remote control tanks. Much discussion ensued on the camouflage design, flexible stencil material, stencil cutting and airbrushing technique. It was during these discussions that I made the rash statement that I could use the airbrush for enamelling. Having successfully fulfilled my tank camouflage stencil commission I was given the airbrush to experiment with (although I think that was just a ruse to allow the Tank Commander to buy a newer, super-duper airbrush for his battalion of tanks).

The airbrush was a Revell 39199/39197 Airbrush Beginner Set with Compressor (not sure about airbrush nozzle size). Milton Bridge liquid enamel pens were used with the liquid enamel poured directly into the airbrush reservoir (no dilution necessary). The key thing was to ensure that the pens were well shaken prior to use and that dried crumbs from around the enamel pen nozzle did not get into the airbrush and clog it. The enamel pen colours could be proportionally mixed to give intermediate colours.