Decal workshop with Region 6 on Feb 18th

led by Kathryn Willis

Sally Davis

A decal is a transfer that can be fired onto a prepared layer of enamel. Using a black and white laser printer images can be printed on to special water transfer paper. Most laser printer toners contain iron which will not burn out in the kiln if fired under 840 degrees centigrade. Hewlett Packard printers work well with this process and the drivers are far more available for the older units if you are buying a used printer.

Preparing images

High contrast images work best so manipulate photos and line drawings using a graphics program or even just Word. Add images close together so you are not wasting any decal paper.

Print your decal onto the shiny surface of the decal paper. I prefer to cut my paper to A5 sheets and put in the manual feed as it seems to print more successfully, but experiment as printers are all different. Once the image has been printed be careful as it can be easily scratched spoiling the image.

Applying the Decal