with Dorothy Cockrell

Laura Selway

Materials used :

  • We used Fine or sterling silver Blanks flat or domed at least 1mm thick, and not larger than 2 inches across in any direction. Findings such as a silver tube for pendant or brooch fittings had to be soldered on with hard solder before any enamel was applied.


  • Enamels for base coat were C1 Blythe flux or Soyer silver flux SOJE 3. Dorothy prefers the latter flux but she explained that since it has a bluish tint, it may be less suitable with certain transparent colours. SOJE3 is not suitable for filling cloisonné cells on top of transparent coloured enamel layers if a pale hue is desired. It is hard, and may fall through medium or soft enamel. C1 Blythe flux is most suitable for this job although Milton Bridge 232, being soft, is also suitable but it can have a yellowish tint.