Karen Moon

Beate introduced herself and told us about her experience as a goldsmith and enameller in Germany.

Before the class we were asked to prepare a simple design for a 60x60mm panel. Beate showed us the equipment we would be using and explained how to clean the 60x60mm copper blank by sanding it with a block (dry, no water) then afterwards leaving it in the pickle for minute or so.

Next we counter-enamelled the back side of the copper, first painting the surface with Klyr-fire gum solution to help the enamel powder stick. (Cellular adhesive or watered-down wallpaper paste can also be used.) The piece is supported on a small object to elevate it and some counter enamel is sieved over the surface and left to dry. The piece is then carefully placed on a stilt and fired to about 815° or 820°C.

2017Summer clois 3