Further Notes on Electro-Etching Copper

Raymond Jackson

Some time after I wrote a report on electro-etching for the GOE Journal in 2009, I had to retire from enamelling and much of my equipment found a home among GOE members. However, I have been responding to questions and comments from a number of people interested in electro-etching copper. In particular I have exchanged much useful information with friends in America. I thought it might be useful to share those experiences, and to summarise what was contained in my earlier report. For people who electro-etch infrequently, some of the refinements and equipment mentioned here are perhaps considered unnecessary and simpler equipment and readily available liquid electrolytes have been found adequate. So I must emphasis that these notes are directed at those who wish to electro-etch copper fairly regularly, perhaps for Champlevé enamelling. It relates to the etching of fairly large areas to depths of up to say 0.5mm to accommodate enamel flux followed by transparent enamels.