Harriet Spence


Three members of Region 1, together with one from Region 3, recently visited Milton Bridge at Stoke-on-Trent. After a warm welcome from David Bracegirdle (Director) and Frances Hemmings (Marketing Manager), David Bainbridge (Director), introduced us to the works.

We went first to the β€œlab” displaying samples of every metal enamel and ceramic colour made at the works.

2017Autumn mb 1

To say we were like children in a sweet shop would be an understatement! We heard that the recipes for colours are kept under lock and key. Requests to match old colours or create new ones can come from all parts of the world. David Bracegirdle tests all the enamels in a small kiln in this room, using different fluxes to make samples. To achieve consistency of tests, enamels are fired at 800 to 810 degrees in a small Efco electric kiln.