Gillie Hoyte Byrom

These are ready-mixed water based paints, dense with opaque colour to be used in a painterly way. They are intermixable and can be used to create vibrant designs. They are not suitable for fine work (where you would use the 325 mesh painting powders mixed with a medium of your choice).

At a workshop in Bristol, Guild Members in Region 6 experimented with this medium, applying paint on pre-enamelled white steel tiles provided by W G Ball Ltd.

The paint was found to be luxuriously thick when pouring onto a tile to coat it with colour. The tile was rotated to spread the paint evenly and tapped to dislodge the final drops from the edge. As with all paint, it was important to dry the tile carefully before firing and take care not to over-fire (unless you want the lacy effect!).

Recommended firing temperature was above 800°C but we fired at around 780 to avoid burn-out.