Playing with Paint

Sandra Swatkins

Susan Davies was a premier artist at Halcyon Days Enamels for 25 years, and produces stunning landscape paintings in miniature. So when she admitted to being daunted by leading our workshop, she clearly had no idea how daunted we felt! The process of enamel painting is a gradual building up of layers to create an image. As each completed layer is fired in the kiln, colours become gradually deeper and brighter, with detail gradually added at the end.


  • White, pre-enamelled steel tiles to use as a “canvas”, 4cm and 6cm squares.

  • Brushes: No 10,4,2,1,0 synthetic. Round brushes, which can be shaped to point or flattened to produce an edge by dipping in the oil and a sable brush for dusting

  • Oil, WG Ball painting medium

  • Glass plate to mix paints

  • Pointed palette knife, craft knife, sponge (see below)

2016Summer paint 1