Photo Etching Workshop at Sparsholt Conference 2015

With Tom Lundsten

Carole Lockwood

The aim of the workshop was to teach us how to use photopolymer film as a resist for etching.

In preparation for this workshop, we were asked to bring one or more black and white drawings that we had then reversed and printed onto transparency film (as used for overhead projectors). Reversing the image is very important if using text! The printing on this film must be as dense as possible to keep out the light when exposing the photopolymer film underneath. The black on a laser printer tends to have a higher density than on an inkjet. It is the black part of the pattern that will be etched. Tom brought sample drawings, some were Celtic and others had very fine areas which would need checking for any undercutting when being etched. You can also use stencils.

Cleaning the metal.

Firstly any burrs or scratches were removed from our pieces of copper using diagrit pads or abrasive papers. The metal needs to be clean and grease free. This was done by washing with pumice, washing up liquid and a toothbrush, then rinsing under running water and going over the surfaces again with a glass brush and washing up liquid, then dried using a clean fresh towel and handled carefully by the edges only.

Applying the photopolymer film.