Crystal clear Enamelling on Silver

Jane Short’s Workshop, November 2015

Laura Selway

The report for Jane Short’s workshop on obtaining crystal clear enamelling on silver delivered at Conference 2015 was covered thoroughly by Marion Edwards and was printed in the Winter 2015 issue of the Guild magazine.

At the Edinburgh autumn workshop, Jane covered the same methods on day 1. Two finely ground and washed transparent enamels that would work well together were wet laid on the nitric acid treated, textured sterling silver pendant and blended together.

Brief Notes

Jane reiterated the Importance of wiping down surfaces before starting and not wearing wool or fleece. Cotton clothing is good

Fluff and dust can cause bubbles in fused enamels.

Grinding – Most important part of the process

  • Grinding, removes the outer layer of deteriorated enamel
  • Grind to very fine grains

Grind hard enamels even finer compared with soft enamels