Notes on Wraptures

An Adventure Using the Natural Characteristics of Glass under the conditions of Heat.

 Dorothy Cockrell

This experimental technique was developed by the late Bill Helwig. He did not consider it a ‘recipe’ but rather a way of understanding what happens when the softening point of glass is reached. (See Glass on Metal, volume 22 no.3 June 2003.)

As he was an employee of Thompson Enamels he used only Thompson products, but his observations are transferable to other makes of enamel.

First he prepared multi-coloured enamel shards on a very thin piece of pre-enamelled steel. Don’t use the pre-enamelled panels sold for ordinary enamelling, they are too thick. What’s wanted is the thin enamelled steel used for white boards. The pre-enamelled steel we used was supplied by a firm called and had been given to Dorothy by Pat Malone.