Techniques of Producing Images within Enamel

An analysis of traditional and contemporary methods of enamelling

BA (Hons) 3D Contemporary Crafts

10th February 2014

Melissa Middleton used the Guild library and some input from members as resources for her dissertation on aspects of enamelling. She has allowed the journal to publish extracts from it and introduces herself below:

I have been studying 3D Contemporary Crafts at York College. In my 2nd Year I specialized in enameling as the craft offered opportunities for me to explore different ways of drawing and creating imagery. My artwork is very fine art/ illustration based and the dissertation allowed me to investigate enameling methods and explore those that would help my making”.

The objectives of this research project were to investigate two working methods of enamelling and analyse the techniques in creating an image in enamel.

Cloisonné was selected due to its historical roots and Riso Screen Printing as a more contemporary method that required modern technology.

As space in the journal is limited, the Editor has selected sections dealing mainly with Melissa’s own experiments and the input from members of the Guild.

In her historical research Melissa found the following extract – indicating that bubbles are a very long established problem.