Replacement for Soyer 159 White

Jill Leventon

Like many others, I was left wondering what I could use instead of my standby White, Soyer 159. I believe this was withdrawn, along with 59, because of its high lead content, and has been replaced with 160F, of which Mo (Vitrum Signum) kindly sent me a sample.

I have used 159 in all sorts of ways:

  • by itself, high fired on corrugated copper it gives lovely blues in the hollow and golds and blacks on the highs

  • over other whites (particularly Lathams O141), to slide and produce flow marks and colour change in bowls

  • as the bottom layer under certain lead free enamels to give a lovely feathering effect (thanks to Harry Nicholson at the last Conference for this tip).

Previously I have tested all my whites over firescale and in combination with other whites, so I did have some concept of what might work. But I decided to run a new series of tests using Lathams, Schauer and Blythes enamels. I deliberately didn’t test the Soyer range in case they decide to remove lead from everything! David Bainbridge sent me generous samples to experiment with.