Crystal Clear Enamelling on Silver with Jane Short

Marion Edwards

Jane supplied each student with a simple silver shape. The silver piece to be enamelled had been textured with a hammer and the edges had been caulked.

Caulking is an operation usually performed to thicken the edge of a vessel being raised. Overlapping hammer blows are delivered directly against the edge, at a right angle to the face of a cross peen hammer, while the work piece is held on a sandbag. The raised burr will help to hold the enamel in place and prevent thinning of enamel at the edges.

Materials Required:

Ceramic pestle and mortar Small containers or a painting palette

Quill or bamboo Fine paint brush (around size 2 or 3)

Diagrit or carborundum stone At least two contrasting transparent enamels

Glass, ceramic or plastic bowl for rinsing the enamel