Enamel Pens with Tilly Wilkinson: Conference 2015 Workshop

Carol Saxton

Last year at Conference, many of us eagerly bought the new Enamel Pens – and haven’t used them because we didn’t know how! Well, lucky for us, Tilly has been busy finding out!

About the pens

Enamel pens, available from Vitrum Signum, are lead-free, opaque and all intermixable. They come in 7 colours: black, white, yellow, red (terracotta), coral (brownish), turquoise and blue; Milton Bridge are developing a green.

They are robust; they will withstand several firings and can be left unfired on a piece for weeks without harm. They fire to a satin sheen initially, but with repeat firings they become shiner and the colours develop. They are water-soluble BUT watering them down is not recommended as the enamel ‘separates’ and fires smeary.

Useful things to know before you start