Sgraffito Workshop with Linda Connelly

Laura Selway

Linda introduced the work shop by showing us some examples of her work using the sgraffito technique, including panels and brooches. Many of her pieces have a lovely transparent or translucent quality. She is inspired by fossils and loves their subtle patterns and textures. Linda also draws lots of inspiration from design books and many of her designs are influenced by the Indian culture.

She uses 1.2mm thick sheet copper for her brooches to avoid the need to counter enamel the pierced shape which has the findings soldered to the back using hard silver solder. These are usually soldered on just before the final firing and the solder joint is then protected using water based Tippex.

Materials and equipment used in the work shop:

  • Lead free Liquid White and Flux Enamel (Linda likes WG Ball enamels and uses liquid white mainly)
  • A milk frother is handy for achieving an even consistency for the liquid enamel.
  • Copper blanks and a Gariflex pad for cleaning the blanks and removing any scratches
  • Selection of pointed objects to scribe through the enamel. It is best if these are not too sharp. Examples are a large darning needle in a cork, cocktail sticks and a Diamond Engraver tool that has lost its diamond! A thin needle in a cork is also very useful for marking out the design.
  • A photo lens cleaner (this a rubber bulb attached to a tube like a dropper and is very useful for ‘blowing’ away scrapings of enamel) or a very soft brush for the same job.
  • Stilts
  • Leaded transparent powdered enamels
  • Sieves, small ones are very useful for more precise placement of powered enamel.
  • Carefree lustres (available from Tom Lundsten) and painting thinner medium (Vitrum Signum)
  • Fine paint brush
  • Source material with line detail

Sgraffito shown at conference 2014

2015Summer sgraffito 4

Variations by Charlotte Smith