Enamels and Grain Size

Jane Sheppard

After a workshop where there was some discussion about the variation of levels of ‘fines’ in different enamels I decided to run some tests on ungraded enamels recently purchased.


I borrowed a set of stacking sieves with mesh sizes of 60, 80, 100, 150 and 200 and used an electronic scale that weighs accurately to 0.1g. I used 50g samples of each of 7 enamels from 5 different manufacturers, with a mix of opaque, transparent and opalescent.


Each enamel in turn was decanted into the top of the stack of sieves, a coin added to each layer to assist the process, the top and base covers put in place and the stack shaken for 45 seconds. The contents of each graded sieve were then weighed and recorded.