Poppy Fields

Julie Aves

Poppies are very much in vogue at the moment, with the WW1 commemoration going on. I am one half of Corby Kilns, and we have a little shop in Burton Latimer, just outside Kettering. We sell kilns (for pottery, glass and enamelling), clays, glazes, pottery tools, and enamelling products too. Customers are welcome (by arrangement) to come and have a look at our range of kilns, enamels, copper shapes and tools. As we have two lovely big shop windows, I thought it would be nice to have a poppy display in time for the commemoration, so I have been making ceramic poppies, and enamelled poppy design dishes and other items. We will be making a donation to the British Legion for each poppy we sell.

I was therefore very interested to read the article about the poppy wreath in the Autumn issue of the Journal, as I had been experimenting with poppy themes myself. I wanted to make a scene of poppies in a field. My preferred method of application is dry enamels, sifted.

2014Winter poppy 1