Using Copper Foil

Region 1 Workshop with Maureen Carswell

Julia Cowie

Maureen's workshop was on how to work with copper foil. She brought along samples, a slide show and paper templates. She talked us through the process and then we all tried it out. The advance list of things to bring was clear and specified the foil at .127mm, this gauge makes it possible to score fold and emboss the metal before applying enamel. As a new member of the Guild I had rolled down some copper sheet to .27mm so many of the techniques were not suitable for me. Whilst others were cutting with scissors and roll embossing I was using metal snips and the bench drill. Maureen had brought along one design which I really liked that could be done with the heavier gauge.

Learning point 1 – read and follow the instructions on what to bring.

Learning point 2 – a quick skoosh with the torch burns off grease from the surface ready for the enamels.