Sculpted Enamelling: Basic Procedure

Dorothy Cockrell

By the use of very coarse grains of enamel built up like sand castles and fired very, very carefully you can make the surface of your work sculptural rather than classically smooth and flat. 40 mesh Soyer Gold Flux and 40 mesh Soyer Opal White were used in my workshop at our 2014 conference simply because that was what Mauricette Pinoteau used when she taught me. Subsequent experiments showed that larger grains of enamel are easier to build up to a height, but it can be done with 60 or even 80 mesh. Sift out the smaller grains. The smaller the grain the less height you can get.

N.B . 40 mesh enamel is available only to special order and then only about once a year. Try the coarsest enamel you have instead.

Klyfire can be used instead of gum tragacanth

The “tool” can be a dental tool, a pen shaped tool that looks like an old metal pen nib sold for scraper board art work, or something like a really small old fashioned butter knife.

Use a prepared copper blank - fluxed, counter-enamelled and covered with a piece of silver foil (pallion number 3 or 4), with a further coat of fired flux over the foil.

2014Sumer sculpt 1