Look and Draw - Part 4

Look what I've found

Janet Notman

My friends are starting to fade away when I suggest a walk because, they complain, I am always picking things up from the gutter. I find however that there are design materials wherever you look.

Here are some things I have “picked up”. I am able to beach comb occasionally, also there are plenty of abandoned industrial/building sites around Edinburgh where odd shapes of metal or broken (small) bits of machinery have been abandoned and last but not least there is good hunting on the pavement or gutter. Some of the more decorative items hang on my workshop walls. I never take anything that won’t fit into my pocket in which I carry a polythene bag for wet/dirty things. When I get home I clean/disinfect the items I decide to keep.

Gazing at my pile of ‘rubbish’ I picked out two items which I thought might provide some design ideas.

The knots are of woven nylon and in a finished ‘design’. I would texture them since the weave is too small to copy in an interesting way.

2014Spring jn 4 1

2014Spring jn 4 2