A useful present for a special friend

Kathleen Kay

While visiting my son, daughter-in-law and three year old grandson, I noticed with delight they had on display one of the little clocks I had made and given to them several years ago. I was reminded of my article in the 2004 Spring Journal. These clocks make lovely presents and feature well on a table of jewellery at a craft fair.

I used 4" squares of 20 gauge copper, each previously drilled with a 10mm hole exactly in its centre for the clock movement spindle.

2013Winter kk 1

To fire 4" squares I had modified some of my double-twin stilts by bending down all eight central triangular points, leaving the eight end points to act as secure locators for the copper square.

I cleaned the front of the 4" copper square and fired an overall layer of flux. The back is then cleaned and counter-enamelled. If the square is bending slightly it can be flattened by upturning the piece, still hot from the kiln, so that it lies front side up on a flat heat-resistant surface then, as it cools, gently apply pressure with a clean, flat iron.