Conference workshop with Bonnie Mackintosh York 2013

Marion Edwards

Grisaille (from the French word meaning greyish) is an enamel and painting technique appearing in shades of grey.

Bonnie began by explaining that she had gained her experience by working with Ellen Goldman and Kirsti Tuum. Bonnie then demonstrated the different ways in which to execute this technique that she had developed in her work.

Materials List

For the base layer:

Thompson’s 1990 Grisaille Black or SOJE 177 Black or a good clear dark transparent.

Please note : If using Thompson enamels which are unleaded, as listed below, it is important to use unleaded enamel for the base coat. All Soyer enamels are leaded.

2 layers front and back, stoned to matt, well washed and re-fired for smooth shiny finish.