Region 6 Decals Workshop

Jeanne Crosse

Region 6 held its first workshop of the year at Kingswood, Bristol and 13 members attended. We explored the making of transfers ( decals ) from our own images, applying them to pre-enamelled items and firing them. The subject was expanded to painting or stencilling with Sunshine Overglaze Colours directly on to U-WET transfer paper and to the use of Dicro-slide on enamels.

You can make your own ( monochrome ) transfers from your artwork using a compatible photocopier or laser printer, the results after firing are a pleasant sepia colour. My transfers were made using a Canon IR2018 photocopier. After the workshop another member found that an H-P Laserjet 1320n laser printer gave good results. Also there are commercial firms who will make your transfers for you.

Dicro Slide can be bought from Tempsford Stained Glass in the UK. Dicro Slide is a transfer paper coated with a fine layer of dichroic material and is used in much the same way as transfers. It was originally marketed for making dichroic glass products but is capable of producing striking effects on enamels, see Glass-on-Metal article, April 2008.

Here are some useful supplier contacts for decal users: