Workshop by Linda Connelly - Guild Conference 14th April 2012

Anita Dakowski

MATERIALS : Copper shim and copper wire. Wet process enamels: flux and white. Enamels of own choice. Klyrfire, Pennybrite/Ajax cleaner. Flock and applicator (optional).

TOOLS :. Embossing tools (steel), ruler (steel), cutting mat, old thick soft material (blanket) to emboss on, old leather gloves (protect against sharp edges). Scissors: large and small. Marker for metal. Wooden pottery knife tool. Tweezers, sieves, paint brushes and and toothbrush. Water spray bottle. Paper towels for drying. Line patterns for inspiration or copying. Glass seed beads. Knitting or crochet hooks. Hole punch or darning needle in a cork. Tracing wheels for patterns.