I read with interest your article ‘Testing hard and soft enamels on pre-coated steel panels with a bit of high firing as well’ in the latest copy of the Guild Journal. I had recently been to Chris Taylor’s factory to have some steel panels pre-coated; while I was there he showed me your sample pieces.

I had every intention of high firing a six panel piece I designed, but after reading your article I decided to experiment with a spare panel first.

I sifted Milton Bridge 0100 Soft White and fired at 820° when cool sifted small samples of Soyer Light Blue 184, Soyer Rich Rose 612, Milton Bridge Crystal Blue T215, Schauer Golden Yellow 7139, Peach 1046 and Soyer Rose 2003 onto the panel then fired at 820°. When cool sifted a light layer of Finishing Flux Soyer 518 over the panel and fired at 980°.