Jane Geeson

On Saturday 30 June, nine members from Region 6 met at my studio at The Walled Garden in Wrington, North Somerset. A very welcome visitor was Jane Ball, this year’s Chair. Jeanne Crosse led the workshop on using pewter to cover the back of pendants and brooches. Jeanne was a wonderful tutor considering she had next to no experience of this technique but came armed with written instructions from Bonnie Mackintosh. Bonnie had been most helpful and we were all very grateful to her for making this workshop possible. Also thanks to Sandra Litchfield who sent ‘tips’ and provided the name of the pewter suppliers she uses – the Pewter Sheet Company ( www.pewtersheet.co.uk) . Pewter is also available from Fred Aldous ( www.fredaldous.co.uk )

Jeanne began by showing us the pewter sheet she had bought for us to use, and also some pewter embossing tools, burnishers and other recycled useful objects such as dead (no ink left) biros for working the pewter. She also brought to show us her lovely collection of antique brooches with ceramic glazed centres and embossed pewter mounts, so that we could see what it was possible to achieve.