Seeking Fall-through

Region 1&2 workshop with Veronica Matthew and Janet Notman

This was an experimental workshop designed to discover wonderful effects with hard and soft enamels layered one upon another. We were particularly interested in investigating how Thompson’s unleaded enamels behaved when treated in this way, as many of us were new to them.

Veronica had made many samples, using both leaded and unleaded enamels and had written out several pages of ‘recipes’ for us to try before we continued into the unknown.

There is nothing like a workshop where one is not trying to make a finished ‘masterpiece’ for generating enthusiasm. Everyone played and compared very happily for two days, stopping only when time and energy ran out.

This was not a ‘high firing’ technique, although it could be interesting to see the difference higher temperatures might make to some of the less successful mixtures. Firing temperatures were kept to between 800 and 889°C.

Three of the most successful samples using Thompson’s unleaded enamels were: