Enamelling for the Garden

A 2011 Conference Workshop

Jane Ball

I’d like to start by saying a huge thank you to Carol for an informative and fun filled day. We all enjoyed it and many of us wished we could have spent longer ‘playing’, for that is what it felt like; lovely, exploratory play where we learnt different techniques and new things about enamel.

Carol’s idea for enamelling for the garden makes a lot of sense. Enamel is weather proof, colourful and durable. Pieces can be small or large and enhance the beauty of the garden.

We were working with copper shim of various thicknesses, liquid enamel and powder enamel. Various templates were provided to try but many of the group had their own ideas and templates, often taking inspiration from nature books and photographs.

Carol must have spent most of the day before setting up the room as we had a multitude of equipment to use including:

  • Paper punches large and small for use on very thin copper shim. Carol reminded us that if it didn’t cut out immediately the copper was either too thick or needed annealing.