How To Measure Kiln Temperature

Robert Gardiner

Several members have expressed interest in a cheap solution to measuring the temperature of a kiln. Note: This does not control the temperature – you will need either a temperature controller, an energy regulator or control the temperature manually by switching on and off at the mains. At least if you know the temperature you have some control of the result.

Maplin sell a digital multimeter that has built-in temperature read-out. This is supplied complete with a temperature probe but unfortunately this is too short to be useful in most kilns. Longer probes (Type K thermocouples) are available from several suppliers – I bought mine from TC Direct. You may also need terminals (banana plugs) for the probe that can be plugged in to the multimeter. You can transfer the ones that came with the multimeter or Maplin can supply these. Details of the thermocouple and multimeter that I use are listed below.