Using Silver Foil with Other Techniques

What's your Story?  Bonnie Mackintosh’s workshop at Canterbury 2011

Betty Butler

The title of the workshop was intended to encourage us to work with an underlying theme or movement in our designs rather than simply placing one silver feature in the centre with decoration round the edges, and I think we all responded to that request. Now I will try to respond to our Editor’s request that these notes should describe what we really learned during the day.

Firstly I would say that I did not learn any techniques new to me, but the bringing together of simple techniques in the way that Bonnie suggested produced some original effects which I had not found before, and that is always exciting.

We all started with previously prepared pieces with a black base coat and brought to a good flat finish. Then we selected small craft punches from Bonnie’s collection for our ‘themed’ designs and punched out several items from silver foil. The foil was sandwiched in paper which Bonnie had found to be the most suitable for producing a good crisp stamping. We then used a thin layer of Klyrfire to place the silver shapes, squeezed out any surplus fluid, and dried the piece before firing. Watching the edges of the silver will usually show when the silver has fired down into the enamel base.

2011Summer Foil 1