A Story Book Cover

Once upon a time …..

Kathleen Kay

Once up on a time, when all the land was covered in snow and ice, a great stillness hung over the garden; not even the trickle of the waterfalls could be heard. No creature stirred to roam in the quietness and no bird took to the sky in flight……”

Days of gently falling snow had draped in swathes over branches and rocks, forming caverns of icy crystals and sparkling frost. It was a visual wonderland and a perfect story-time setting for magical creatures in its wintry embrace.

Being a very new, proud grandparent of two lovely grandsons, born, one in October and one in November (a bit like the buses – you wait for ever……), I had the daft idea of making a picture story book, with drawings, photos’ and enamels to look at and weave stories to tell the babies as they grow up: the first book would relate to the amazing snow photos’ we had taken in the garden, reminders of their first winter.

Now, just in case some of you more playful enamellers might try something similar, here is a little more detail of materials and methods I have used for the book cover.