Summertime Painting with Enamels

Bring on the Birds

Kathleen Kay

Looking back through almost thirty years in the Guild I remember, as a beginner, my enthusiasm for learning new techniques as demonstrated at our Region 4 meetings: an early one I recall well was painting. This was a hands-on tutorial, at the home of one of our group in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, taking place over both days of a weekend.

We were to take with us a slightly domed copper disc, enamelled with three fired layers of DW1 white on its front and counter-enamelled also with DW1. Our required list included fine powder painting enamels, oil of lavender, two smooth white tiles, a glass muller, a small palette knife, tissues and turps.

Additionally listed were a selection of brushes, including fine sable numbers 000, 1, 2 and 3, plus some greetings cards for use as reference.

My chosen reference was a bird, and here is my very first painted enamel, completed on the Saturday using about five firings for the painting, building up the soft shaded background and the bird’s detail: I have improved since then! On the Sunday I chose (of course) to paint a dragon.

Summer 1

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