High Firing – a Beginners View

Louisa Crispin

In March 2010 Region 7 were treated to a Workshop which included High Firing, a technique perfected by Pat Johnson. The session was led by Lesley Talbot based on her experiences with Pat and she brought along a selection of bowls demonstrating the fantastic results you can get from high firing some enamels on copper.

The colours were a stunning mix of golds, whites, greens and a vibrant cobalt blue.

Lesley explained that High Firing is simply firing at a higher than recommended temperature for longer than you would normally feel comfortable. Not all enamels can be high fired and often the results could not be predictably reproduced. To get us started she listed a selection that she has found worked consistently well and offered us some samples to try. The key was “to experiment” and “keep good records”. It felt appropriate that the workshop took place in a hall normally used by the local playgroup!

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