Our Themofax Machine and How to Use the Screens

Beverley Archard

The Guild has purchased a Thermofax machine for the use and benefit of its members. The sale of raffle tickets at conference has partially raised the money for this expensive machine; so thanks to all of you who purchased them.

Now, I can hear you asking, “What is a Thermofax machine”? Well, it makes riso screens from photocopied or drawn designs. These screens are similar to silk screen type stencils and allow fine detailed designs, or written words, to be enamelled.

Because of the expense and fragility of the machine, it cannot be shipped or posted; it must be transported by car. For this reason it was decided that each regional representative (or nominated person) will hold the machine in turn and make screens on request for members from any region.

It is currently held by the librarian, Beverley Archard, in region 7. Contact details for Beverley are in the journal. Any requests for screens to be made should be sent to Beverley, who will hold the machine until the end of the year. The Guild website will hold the contact details of the current holder of the Thermofax at any given time. If you do not have internet access, the librarian will always have this information and can be contacted by phone.

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