Grisaille - Design and Technique

Ellen Goldman

The word ‘Grisaille’ stems from the French word ‘gris’ which means grey.

In art, the word GRISAILLE simply means: a picture made in various shades of grey.

In enamelling, we start out using a black base coat ( Thompson # 1990 has been specially developed for this technique) and we continue to work on this black base coat in shades of white in various siftings. As the panel will have to be fired a number of times, it is necessary to counter-enamel your work.

For this special occasion I have chosen the following ( lead-free) enamelling powders:

Thompson’s Grisaille black # 1990, 80 mesh

Quill White # 1040, 150 mesh and 325 mesh

Foundation White # 1030, 325 mesh

Foundation White, 80 mesh

* It is, of course, possible to use other siftings. Experience will teach you which siftings are best for the work in hand.

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