Enamelled Clocks

Kathleen Kay

Over the years I have produced quite a few enamelled clocks; some using simple techniques my college Special Needs teenagers could enjoy; other more complex ones inspiring the Adult Education leisure classes and the Craft, Design, Technology students each modifying design and colours to suit their own décor.

Enamelled clocks could make excellent gifts, and by starting now several could be completed by Christmas …...

This ‘just for fun’ clock was a favourite design based on a mosaic of 49 1" copper squares (now 25 mm) one of which has a 10 mm hole drilled, exactly in its centre, for the mechanism locating nut. If no 10 mm drill bit is available then anyone good with a piercing saw could cut the 10 mm circle.

All 49 squares were cleaned, fluxed and counter-enamelled plus a few spares: six squares fit beautifully on a traditional multi-stilt trivet. The squares were then separated into four lots of twelve plus the one with the hole.

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