Torch Fired Beads with Janet Notman

Nottingham Conference Workshop April 2010

Ruby Tomes

We were treated to a real feast of a session with Janet, and all produced an amazing set of unique individual beads. Janet had prepared each workstation with a G-clamp (with jubilee clip attached) fastened to the bench. A canister of Mapp-Plus gas with a Bernzomatic torch head was tightly secured in the jubilee clip to allow free hands movement.

We used copper beads of various sizes (larger are easier) supplied by Tom Lundsten & Thompson Enamels, and also tried pieces of American central heating piping (0.25” diameter).


Gas torch (as described above)

Copper beads & tubing (as described above)

Heatproof trays for supporting work & enamels

4 x bead mandrels

1 x M shaped stilt

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