Enamel Bead Making

Mark and Anne Painter

On 28 July Janet Notman came down from Edinburgh to give a workshop on enamelled beads to the Salop/Staffs Group of Region 4 at Shrewsbury.

A work-area was set up using a Bernz-o-Matic torch head TS7000 with a Mapp gas cylinder, a piece of ceramic fibre blanket folded in half, bead mandrels, 2 colours of enamel in deep metal spoons and pre-formed copper beads from Ellen Goldman.


Janet proceeded to hold a bead between 2 mandrels so that it would rotate freely. For the whole of the firing/enamelling process the bead needs to be constantly rotated by turning the mandrels.

The bare copper was heated in the torch flame, which also serves to clean the copper, until it was glowing bright red.

2007Winter bead 1

Heating the bead